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Free islandwide delivery for orders above SG$80.00!

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Delivery Information

Take note: 
We will be closed for CNY holidays on 30 Jan and will resume operations on 4 Feb, all orders have to be sent in by 26th Jan in order to receive on time for CNY. Thank you!
我们将于 1月30日 因 农历春节 开始休息,并于 2月4日 恢复营业,所有订单必须在 1月26日 前提交,以便能够及时的在 农历春节 前收到。谢谢!

1. Minimum order per invoice value is Singapore Dollars Eighty (SGD60) and above. 
2. GST and transport fees will be absorbed by our company.
3. However, transport fee of Singapore Dollar Ten (SGD10) will be collected via cash on delivery provided the order is less than Singapore Dollars eighty (SGD60).
4. You will receive your goods within the next two to three working days. 

1. 每张订单的 最低订购金额 为 新币六十元 或以上。
2. 本公司将承担销费税和运输费。 
3. 如订单的 总金额 少于 新币六十元,我们将通过货到付款的方式向您收取 新币十元 的运输费。
4. 您将在接下来的 两到三个工作日内 收到您所订购的货品。