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About us
About Us

Our Story

From humble beginnings all the way back in the 1980s, Mr Tan Goon Huat switched to a vegetarian diet as a Buddhist for the abstinence of the consumption of animal-derived products including eggs and dairy. That’s where Mr Tan and Mrs Violet Tan explored beauty of the vegetarian food & beverage industry with their experience, a strong empathy for the people who are on vegetarian and vegan diet and an ensuing demand for premium dried and frozen vegan mock meat and seasonings on a global basis. That was the birth of Ming Xin Trading (1997) in Singapore as a wholesaler and retailer. They then went on to acquire a 4000 sqft production plant in Johor Bahru in collaboration with a Taiwanese factory to have better quality control over the products. Ming Xin Trading (1997) finally acquired her own factory premises in Singapore in 2010 after several relocation of the Singapore factory to meet the stronger demand and stricter requirements from local consumers. 

Mr Tan has achieved a significant feat with Ming Xin Trading (1997) : creating a wide variety of products that are not only healthy, but delicious too. Beginning as a wholesaler and retailer in Singapore, Ming Xin Trading (1997) now offers more than 200 products, and supplies them to a range of clients. From everyday eateries such as hawker centres and school canteens to formal establishments such as temples, hotels, and hospitals.

While upholding their commitment to 100 percent vegetarian ingredients, Ming Xin Trading (1997) continues to expand their product line to suit the demands of the market. The deepest motivating factor for Mr and Mrs Tan is the passion to promote a healthier lifestyle. Our company hopes that with the increase in different varieties of high quality and tasty vegetarian products available in the market, more people will be able to enjoy their chosen diet and hence improve their health and quality of life.

What we can provide you

Ready-to-cook and eat convenience meals that suits your lifestyle

Trusted by clients <br> since 1997
Trusted by clients
since 1997
100% vegetarian <br> ingredients
100% vegetarian
More than <br> 1000 SKUs
More than
1000 SKUs
Strong advocate <br> for vegetarianism
Strong advocate
for vegetarianism

We hope to be your trusted Vegetarian and Vegan products supplier as we have started our business journey in Singapore since 1997 and have won numerous awards over the years:

Top 25 Halal F&B 2019 / 2020
Global Excellence (Food & Service) 2019 / 2020
Top 20 Brilliance In Customer Service 2019
Asia's Top Achievers 2015 - 2019
First Consumers' Choice 2015 - 2019

Influential Enterprise Of The Year 2018
Retail & Consumer Award 2018
Singapore Business Quality Award 2017 / 2018

Business Trust 2017
Singapore Trusted Quality Brand 2017
Singapore's Most Popular Brand Award 2017
Top Business Brand (Food & Beverage) 2016 / 2017

Singapore Entrepreneurs' Award 2015 / 2016

Food & Service Excellence Award 2014
Asia Excellence Award 2014
Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013 / 2014